Almased Review – Synergy Diet Powder

If you have been in the market for a meal replacement drink as part of a diet program, you may have come across the Almased Synergy Diet program, which has its own specialized diet drink that they manufacture especially for those following this diet. Let’s take a closer look at Almased and how it may be used.

What is Almased?

Almased, known as the Almased Synergy Diet Program, is a diet plan that focuses on an all-natural drink (in the form of a powder) that is used as part of the diet in order to replace some of the meals. Some of the claims from the company include that people have lost up to 15 pounds in 6 weeks by following a diet and exercise plans that use their drink.

The Almased drink is available for purchase from the Almased USA website, and it is a skim milk based drink that is used for the liquid fasting part of the diet program. This skim milk yogurt powder is a mixture of soy protein, honey enzymes, skim milk yogurt powder, and several amino acids. The drink is created from all natural ingredients, is simple to mix, is available for consumption while on the go, all of which make it incredibly appealing to those who are looking for a diet drink.

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How Does Almased Work?

It’s a fairly simple program. You are supposed to ingest the diet drink twice a day, and then have a normal, well-balanced meal for dinner. At the beginning of the diet, Almased tells user to start with a three day liquid fast that only consists of the diet drink and nothing else. Then, the company offers a dieting plan that includes the diet drink, and that’s it! The idea behind the whole thing is that, because you are reducing the number of calories you are ingesting while you are still getting the nutrients that you need to survive, you are going to lose weight naturally, as long as you follow a proper diet and exercise program. But how is that really any different than what other companies are claiming when they offer you diet drinks?

Issues with Almased Synergy Diet

There are a number of things that really turn people off to the whole Almased program. First off, due to the dependence on soy and milk for the drinks, people who are allergic to soy and/or are lactose intolerant cannot go on the diet without having their own issues. Some people who have tried Almased have also complained about the taste; some people complain that it tastes “fake” or “chalky.” Why would you want to drink something that you didn’t like?

Another big issue that many people have with the Almased Synergy Diet is that it is much more expensive than alternatives. Yes, the product is 100{6d03487dd7054a7db05173f7c7fbbc41556c8c2198a23fe7855bb0b11517a53e} natural, but because of all of the other factors related to it, many people may be turned off to it. This is basically up to personal choice, and isn’t really a factor in whether the diet powder actually works or not.

In general, make sure that you talk to your nutritionist or another medical professional before you start taking any dietary supplements. They can help you make the right decisions for your situation and can help you sift through all of the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Some people have found success using Almased Synergy Diet powder, but it seems like it is really no different than any other type of diet drink that you can use as a meal replacement. The choice is ultimately up to you as to whether or not you want to try it for yourself.

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