Anatabloc Review – Joint Supplement That Works?

We all have days when aches and pains keep us down.  If you are experiencing aching joints every day, then your quality of life has probably gone down and you are probably itching to be active again.  Aching joints should not keep you from doing what you love and from living the active lifestyle which you deserve.  There are a lot of joint supplements out on the market which claim to help you with daily aches and pains that keep you from being the athletic person who you truly are.

GNC has a product which is called Anatabloc.  This product boasts that it can get you feeling and acting younger so that you can get back out on the basketball court, into the gym, or on the treadmill.  The promise of turning back time and having a younger, healthier body sounds almost too good to be true.

How Anatabloc Works

Anatabloc works by inhibiting pathways in your body which promote inflammation.  By reducing the risk of inflammation you will have healthier feeling joints and you will be able to train harder for longer periods of time.  Of course, this dietary supplement is not a miracle worker and you will need to continue getting adequate amounts of rest and you will need to keep yourself hydrated.  This is very important if you want to see results.

Anatabloc is made up of a combination of three ingredients which you can find elsewhere in your diet, but it may be hard to get an adequate amount of these vitamins in your daily diet.  The three ingredients in Anatabloc are:

  • Anatabine – this is an alkaloid which you can find in peppers, eggplant, and green tomatoes.  This can also be found in other vegetables which come from the Solanaceae family.
  • 90 Units of Vitamin A
  • 40 Units of Vitamin D – also available from direct sunlight and from milk!

These three ingredients are naturally occurring substances which you can find in a variety of food sources.  However, it can be hard to keep track of how much you have taken in.  With Anatabloc you do not have to worry as much about getting the proper amount because you will know to just take the two tablets from the dispense and you will be good to go.  Convenience is important when you are constantly on the go or training for your next marathon.

Do I need a prescription for Anatabloc?

Anantabloc is a dietary supplement and not an antibiotic or other drug so it is not necessary to have a prescription for it.  You can purchase Anatabloc without a prescription and you can rest assured that it is safe for long term use.  Unlike other anti-inflammatory products, Anatabloc does not have any chemicals or medications in it so it will not damage vital organs if you need to use it long-term.

This product works at a cellular level to stop inflammation before it begins.  The anatabine in Anatabloc is the key ingredient here.  This compound enters the cell and deactivates a protein which is called NFkB.  This protein can enter the nucleus of the cell and this ends up causing excessive inflammation in your body.  Because anatabine deactivates this protein it does not have a chance to get to the cell’s nucleus and it therefore cannot cause more inflammation.

All in all, Anatabloc seems like a good value – it is all natural and comes from a trusted manufacturer of health and dietary supplements.  Always ask your doctor before beginning any new health supplements because your body may react differently than the bodies of your friends or of the people who posted testimonials on the website.

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