Anti-Estrogenic Diet Review – Foods and Health Value

The creator of the Anti-Estrogenic Diet, Ori Hofmekler, is the same person who created the diet program called The Warrior Diet. According to Hofmekler, people have become accustomed to and accepted the fact that today’s foods contain chemicals. In fact, most crops being grown are treated with an herbicide called Atrazine, which has been studied and shown to cause a number of problems.

For one thing, sperm count in men has declined as much as 20{6d03487dd7054a7db05173f7c7fbbc41556c8c2198a23fe7855bb0b11517a53e}, even though some of the most effective fertility drugs and treatments are now available. In addition, experts believe this and other chemicals found in the environment are in part responsible for the epidemic of obesity and the cause of various diseases. With the Anti-Estrogenic Diet, the body gains the ability to resist the effects of what estrogen and estrogenic type chemicals produce.


Diet Concept

The Anti-Estrogenic Diet was developed with three distinct phases, each serving a vital purpose in the fight against weight problems but also to help promote health and wellness. These three phases are discussed briefly below.

  • Detoxification – In the first phase, the liver would be cleansed from harmful toxins that accumulate. Although the liver works to detoxify, over years of being exposed to harmful chemicals it can no longer perform effectively. If detoxification does not occur, the liver will eventually shut down at which time certain diseases manifest to include cirrhosis and even diabetes. For two weeks on this diet, nutritional and herbal therapies restore health to the liver and metabolism returns to normal.
  • High-Fat – More than 10,000 years ago, people lived on meat. In looking at the caveman era, crops were simply not a part of the culture, which meant these people had a strong hormone system while maintaining a healthy weight. With the Anti-Estrogenic Diet, high fat foods would be consumed.
  • Reintroducing Foods – In the third and final phase, foods that people typically consume would be reintroduced into the body. However, because the body has been detoxified, an individual will find that some foods are accepted with no problem while other foods are not.


Avoiding Environmental Dangers

Certain functions within the body are disrupted because of the effects that endocrine and estrogen, something that has been studied in depth and well-documented. Although today’s society is filled with risks of this type, there are many viable ways they can be avoided such as the following.

  • Never heat foods in a microwave that are stored in flexible plastic containers due to containing Phthalates
  • To avoid consuming harmful herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, or fungicides that contain Atrazine and Dieldrin, which are hormone disrupters, only organically grown foods should be chosen
  • Antibacterial products made with Triclosan should be avoided since they are a hormone disrupter due to having a chemical structure similar in nature to estrogen
  • More anti-estrogenic foods should be consumed and estrogenic foods avoided


Healthy Food Choices

According to the Anti-Estrogenic Diet, the foods listed below counter effects of estrogenic chemicals, as well as things that mimic estrogen within the environment.

  • Avocado – This high fat food is great for the body’s hormone system
  • Citrus – All citrus foods because of containing high levels of flavonoids
  • Cruciferous Vegetables – This would include organic Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower that have natural anti-estrogenic indoles
  • Coffee – This beverage would be acceptable due to containing flavones
  • Fertilized Eggs – Being high in fat, fertilized eggs are great for the hormone system
  • Herbs – Some of the best herb choices include chamomile, resveratrol, passionflower, and turmeric
  • Nuts – As most people know, nuts are a great high-fat food that promotes a healthy hormone system
  • Organic Dairy Products – In this case, products that come from grass fed cattle contain conjugated linoleic acid or CL
  • Tea – In this case, polyphenols would prove beneficial to the body


Foods to Avoid

On the Anti-Estrogenic Diet, the foods mentioned above would be most critical but there would also be foods that should never be consumed such as those listed below.

  • Non-Organic Meat – Sadly, cattle grown inorganically are given injections of hormones and antibiotics, which can then be passed onto humans. In fact, strong hormones are used as a means of “chemical castration”, which promotes larger cattle that produce leaner meat.
  • Soy – Although many diets and nutritional experts support soy, on the Anti-Estrogenic Diet it should be avoided because of containing hormone disrupters such as Daidzein and Genistein. A diet high in soy would lower sperm count and a man’s libido.
  • Beer – The problem here is that beer is made from hops but this bitter herb produces libido reducing and estrogenic reducing effects.
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