Arm Exercises To Get Rid of Bat Wings

Today is unlikely the first time you have noticed the fatty area under your arms many people call bat wings.

But if you are ready to take charge and put forth effort to tighten up that skin, there are some exercises to get you in the right direction.

While skin is elastic in nature, many times it has been stretched to a point where even tightening up areas under the arms might not leave you completely satisfied. At this point it is best to consult with a doctor about any surgery related options you might have available. But until then, making the best effort on your own can help maximize results in the long-run.

Tightening Up Your Arms

The place that a lot of people feel can use some toning is the “bat wing” section of their arm.  You know what I mean – that hanging flab that flaps around if you shake your arms.

These bat wings can in some cases be fully corrected with  simple and effective exercises.  A lot of us lead really busy lives so it can be hard to get to the gym as often as we would like.  Keeping that in mind, here are some exercises which you can do at your desk while you are at work, at home in your free time, or anywhere that you see fit.

You can begin the following exercises for just 2-5 minutes per day and increase the time as you are able.

  • Tricep dips require a chair (not a rolling computer chair, though) or a flat surface that is a little bit below waist high. You can even use a bench chair as shown above in the image.  For this exercise you will stand with your back to the surface and you will put the palms of your hands on the surface.  You will lower your body down, then use the strength in your triceps to push yourself back up.  Doing a few repetitions of this exercise will make you understand how it helps those bat wings disappear. Additionally, you will be use abdominal muscles for control, so it’s a great way to tone those abs into a 6 pack.
  • The “Genie” – this exercise also works your triceps.  You can sit in a cross legged position in a chair like a genie for this exercise.  You will then place your palms on the arms of the chair and use your strength to push yourself up or “levitate” like a genie.  This exercise might be for someone with a little bit of practice, but you will get the hang of it if you keep trying.
  • Arm Circles – these are a lot more effective that you may think.  Put one arm straight out so that it forms a line with your shoulder.  Begin making small circles, concentrating on using the muscles which you want to tone.  Make the circles bigger and bigger, then slowly go back to making the small circles.  This whole process should take about one to two minutes.  You will be feeling the burn on this one for sure!

These three simple exercises can go a long way. Remember though consistency with workout is key. create a routine that works for your schedule, and with some time you should begin seeing results. Ultimately though how you view yourself is more important than what anyone else thinks. If you feel the need to seek medical help to determine what can be done surgically, we recommend asking your primary care physician to see what options are available.

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