Best Matcha Tea Powder – 9 Great Brand Reviews

Anyone aspiring to get the best matcha teas and enjoy the maximum advantages of the relaxing Japanese tea ceremony knows that finding high-quality, delicious, yet affordable tea options is not always simple.

Matcha tea is a Japanese trademark, which has become popular most recently in North America and Europe.

More and more people are tossing their coffee mugs aside and turning to preparing Matcha in order to enjoy multiple health benefits.

Energy flow with no unnatural spikes, unique zingy taste and unparalleled preparation process are what draw people to Matcha.

No matter what your tea preferences, this article was designed to compare the best brands to help you find the right tea for you.

Top 3 Best Matcha Teas Overall

The smooth matcha powder has beyond question a dash of luxury to it and the price may not be the first aspect that comes to mind to a potential customer. Pocket-friendly matcha teas are nevertheless available in various packages, and, if you are looking for an excellent value for your money, don’t miss these awesome matcha tea winners:

#1 – Envioni Delicious Blueberry Matcha-BE Tea

With a $1 sample offer, Envioni Matcha tea is an excellent way to get a well balanced tea that won’t break the bank.

Envioni specializes in delivery and will make you feel that you get the best straight out of Japanese breweries.

Product Specifications

  • 137x more powerful than a regular green tea
  • Amazing blueberry taste
  • Super value of $1 per sample
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Double anti-oxidant boost

Customer Voice

A market newbie, Envioni matcha-BE tea is still waiting for the voice of the customers to be heard. With the buzz of a new product, comes its advantage, too. Not all suppliers enable product tasting, though and with this sample offer, we have already put Envioni in our good books.

Why Buy?

The sweet-stingy combo of matcha and blueberry sounds amazing and, if you are looking for both extra taste and great value in the same product, this matcha tea package may be all that you need for now.

#2 – matchaDNA Organic Powdered Tea

This special Machida matcha green tea is cultivated on small farms in the mountains of the Chinese southeastern Fujian region and has a potent flavor kept in small foil batches promising that each customer gets the freshness, the deep green color and the thick texture of original matcha.

Product Specifications

  • USDA-approved organic certification
  • Nutrient value 10 times higher than brewed green tea
  • Individually tested batches to meet quality requirements
  • Produced on sustainable, non-polluted farms

Customer Voice

The organic super-thin blend by matchaDNA holds a solid rating of 4.3 out of five stars on Amazon. Customers swear by its easy dissolving power. If you are in need of a quick energy injection this might be your deal. Best mixed with water, this product will give an intense, leafy, weedy aroma.

Why Buy?

Who wouldn’t want to lose 7lbs a month without altering a diet habit? The simple pure matcha tea with an organic mild taste is a great first-timer, and with great value for money, you may just want to build a long-term relationship with it. It is perfect for replacing four cups of coffee a day with two cups of matcha green tea, with the same energy effect.

#3- Kiss Me Organics Culinary Grade Matcha

One of the top Amazon best-sellers has all the key benefits – powerful antioxidant capability, extraordinary weight loss assistance and a refined blend of nutrients that makes an exuberant addition for your smoothie choice, as well as a great dish relish.

Product Specifications

  • Uplifts energy, focus and concentration
  • Increases metabolic rate by improving thermogenesis
  • Cook-friendly airtight packaging
  • Contains 30% RDA of the skin and bone beneficial mineral manganese

Customer Voice

This is by far one of the most popular matcha tea brands on Amazon with an overall rating of 4.3 stars. Although a few of the 3,000 customers have been overthrown by the price, the extra recipe book and this brand’s affinity toward coconut milk will entice vegan fans to brew a pot and burst a touch of matcha powder over a dish for a taste made in heaven.

Why Buy?

With half a teaspoon enough for an 8 oz cup and a sweet taste, even if you could never get over the initial bitterness of green tea, this matcha brand might just introduce you to a new obsession.

Top 3 Matcha Teas Based On Quality

Even the healthiest products can have a healthier or a less healthy alternative. Best matcha tea brands surpass the next in line by origin, freshness and are organic-made.

#1 – Eco Heed Matcha

Did you know that the Japanese have a special name for the fifth taste called “umami”? Eco heed is the brand owned by a couple in love with each other and with matcha tea. Sharing a passion for natural living, Ryo and Yasmin have created a matcha brand with a Japanese -origin to reflect the elegant and rich ”umami” taste unlike the Western usuals – sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

Product Specifications

  • Free matcha recipes eBook
  • Just $22 for a bamboo tea whisk and scoop combo
  • Double organic certification (USDA & JAS)
  • Origin from the Uji region

Customers are astonished by the brand’s vibrant grassy flavor and the green color identical to the “the ceremonial grade tea from Midori springs.” giving it 4.6 out of 5 stars. The organic blend is a blessing for anxious coffee drinkers.

Why Buy?

Not only will you get a morning booster that will provide a steady energy supply throughout the day but you can also brag to your friends about its distinct Japanese heritage, which can, in the end, require you to present your preparation skills.

# 2 – Zen Spirit Matcha

If you prefer the taste of matcha powder in your meat roast rather than in your latte, the Zen Spirit offer is an excellent baking addiction, serving just as good in smoothies, lattes and iced teas.

Product Specifications

  • Powdered with a ceramic stone mill
  • Superb source of the amino acid L-Theanine
  • Vegan super-food
  • Meat dish seasoner

Customer Voice

With an amazing rating of 4.5 stars and over 1,500 customer reviews the Zen Spirit matcha tea merits its position in the top three places in more than just quality. Preferred as a meat tenderizer, it will turn an average steak into butter. Adored as a vitality kicker, it will give a caffeine-high to your decaf.

Why Buy?

Once open, matcha tea can lose on quality. Therefore, if you don’t mind the price, you will love the smaller packages for the never-ending freshness.

#3 – TEAki Hut Organic Matcha

Practicality is an undeniable quality component and this convenient packaging made from an airtight non-BPA bag will let you pinch as much as you like while sealing the bag tightly to maintain the crisp taste.

Product Specifications

  • No questions asked refund
  • Memory enhancer and balanced energy booster
  • Burns fat at a rate ten times higher than regular green tea
  • Pure organic blend with no additives

Customer Voice

We are at awe of the 5.276 reviews and the associated 4.5 overall rating. The taste sweeter than the rest, the brilliant green color and the abundant froth when whisked are keeping the customers returning for more.

Why Buy?

This one seems to be by far the sweetest matcha tea with no traces of bitterness, tasting equally great hot or cold. If the competition can beat the price, they will have a hard time with the quick shipping policy and the mind-blowing taste.

Most Unique Tasting Matcha Teas

Many people prefer the choice of matcha over classic green tea exactly because of the absence of astringency. If you like to keep you taste buds in the mellow mood, here is a selection with a sweet punch.

#1 – Jade Monk On-The-Go Matcha

How about some “Cranberry Blood”? What about a “Lime Blossom”? Jade Monk’s shade- grown matcha tea leaves are sold on Amazon under cocktail-worthy labels. All natural products, pre-packed in 12 single-serve packs per box, all it takes is for you to take one and mix it with some water to feel the refreshing thrill of forest fruit or the bitter-sweet lime zest.

Product Specifications

  • Packed with natural antioxidant flavonoids
  • Improving serotonin and dopamine brain levels
  • Surpasses antioxidant values of red wine, dark chocolate and acai berries
  • Only 5 calories per pack, gluten, soy and dairy-free

Customer Voice

With 281 individual reviews and a 4.7 overall rating the Lime Blossom has the highest rating of all matcha tea picks included in this review. Customers love it: it can be put in cold or hot water and is ready in a matter of seconds without additional stirring or whisking.

Why Buy?

The best thing about Jade Monk’s flavored matcha flavored teas is the special 3-in1 flavor variation product alternative.

#2 – Enzo Private Selection Milky Taste Matcha

The most presumptuous of all is 100% organic, stone-ground and adored by celebrities.

Product Specifications

  • Strong and milky texture
  • Great source of catechin polyphenols and chlorophyll
  • Relaxant, energizer, mood-booster
  • Celebrity favorite

Customer Voice

896 reviewers share a 4.4 rating. Customers swear that Enzo’s matcha green powder is the perfect ingredient to making the green tea ice cream of your dreams.

Why Buy?

With almost a thousand people giving a good rating, we can’t say that all the good-mouthing is a result of media coverage and celebrity mojo.

#3 – Matcha Outlet Starter Tea

Excellent for beginners who want to boost their metabolism and lose weight, Matcha Outlet’s organic, kosher, non-GMO matcha tea with mild bitter taste will give you both slimming effect and pleasure.

Product Specifications

  • Veggie notes of hay, spinach and kale
  • Nutty, seedy sweetness
  • Calorie-burning booster
  • Perfect for beginners

Customer Voice

Over 500 Amazon customers prefer this Chinese Sencha variant over the Japanese ceremonial and culinary matcha tea brands. Considering the competitive price, we predict an ever-growing trend of the 4.5 overall rating.

Why Buy?

Preparing the tea in a ceremonial way may leave novices with a quite bitter taste to their mouths. The strong taste promotes this brand into the “matcha of matchas” and is a likelier choice of avid fans.

Final Thoughts

Taste is a highly personal subject. If you are an individualist and have a quirk for straying from the average, you may want to make the best matcha tea pick by yourself. A ceremonial product that is a symbol of a highly personalized culture can also be a strictly personal preference.

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