Calorease Review – Ingredients and Side Affects

Many say that a big part of losing weight is to count your daily intake of calories to make sure you aren’t taking in more than you can actually burn. According to studies a lower calorie intake is closely connected with losing weight, and this is precisely the premise of  the product known as Calorease.

What is Calorease?

Calorease claims to be one of the easiest ways to fix your weight management program. It is quite unique for a number of reasons. Here are the ones that stand out the most:

  • No stimulants, unlike most dietary aids.
  • Binds and eliminates up to 9 times its weight in dietary fat.
  • Can reduce up to 500 calories of fat per day.

Wait, so taking Calorease is supposed to help you reduce your calorie count because the supplement itself is taking on the caloric value by absorbing it. How does that work? Apparently, you only have to take two tables per meal (as long as there is some sort of fat content in the meal; you don’t take it with a fat free meal). It is recommended that you take six tablets every day, maintain a balanced diet, and exercise, and it’s supposed to help you manage your weight.

What is inside of Calorease?          

How can Calorease make these claims? Because of the main ingredient. There are a number of ingredients inside of Calorease (which, if you look around online, are difficult to find), but the main one is a natural dietary fiber known as FBCx; it is extracted from corn.  FBCx is FDA approved for use in dietary supplements.

All dietary fibers will bind and eliminate fat (which is why they are recommended for use in diets), but FBCx is a patented formula that is fat soluble up to 9 times its own weight, which makes it more effective than other dietary fibers.

Basically, FBCx takes a hold of any fatty acids that are eaten, and instead of allowing the body to digest and absorb that fat, it instead gets cleared out with your body’s waste. That means that nothing is absorbed and, as a result, you lose weight.

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Side effects

Almost all of the side effects related to using Calorease are due to improper use of the supplement. If you take too much or take it with a fat-free meal or snack, you can experience some digestive issues, such as flatulence or stomach cramps. If taken regularly and properly, you will not likely have to deal with these side effects.

Some people who have used Calorease claim that it takes some extra time to get used to the supplement, especially if your diet is currently low in dietary fiber. Like when you take it inappropriately, it can cause temporary constipation, bloating, cramping, and flatulence.  Otherwise, there have been no known reports of negative side effects.

If you are pregnant, nursing, or have any other concerns about using Calorease, contact your doctor. They can give you advice and recommendations about whether or not you should be using the supplement, or they can offer you alternatives that they think may be better for you.

There is not a lot of research related to Calorease, but there is some research out there about its main ingredient, FBCx. FBCx has been shown to make a difference in those who are seeking to lose weight. If the possibility of stomach upset for awhile doesn’t bother you, and you feel like Calorease is worth a try, by all means, try it. There is nothing dangerous or hazardous about it, so all you have to lose is the money you’ve spent on it.

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