Chalean Extreme vs P90x – Which One Is Right For You?

Some people call Chalean Extreme the “P90X for girls”, yet somehow, many men out there find this training program just as challenging. P90X might be a bit tougher, but does it means it is right for you?

Let us delve into an unbiased review of Chalean Extreme vs P90X:

Who Is Behind The Fitness Training?

For starters, beach-body trainer Chalene Johnson conceived the Chalean Extreme training and superstar trainer Tony Horton conceived the P90X training series. Both focus on generating results within 90 days, but while Chalean resorts to cardio and resistance training, P90X focuses on sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts.

To sum up, we are talking about the vision of a woman and the one of a man. Can a woman teach a man how to stay fit? Why not?! So instead of associating the quality of the fitness training with the sex of the initiator, we should rather focus on their visions.

What Results Do You Get?

Chalean Extreme promotes the so-called Lean Phasing, which implies focusing on resistance training. It, therefore, suggests a 3-steps resistance training that should build lean muscle, in order to supercharge your metabolism and help you burn fats throughout the day, not just during your workout session.

P90X promotes the so-called Muscle Confusion, which implies focusing on mix-and-match routines that prevent the installation of the plateaus. Instead of repeating the same series of exercises, you constantly challenge your body and put it to endlessly new exercises.

So one of them takes you gradually and increases your resistance while the other one sets you on fire and never gives you enough time or room to get bored.

What Comes In The Box?

When you order the Chalean Extreme fitness-training package, you should expect to receive:
chalean extreme package

  • 6 DVDs that sum up 15 different workouts
  • 1 Extreme Motivation CD
  • 1 Pro-Grade Resistance Band
  • 1 Thigh Toner Band
  • 1 Body Fat Tester
  • The Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook
  • The Fat Burning Food Guide

When you order the P90X fitness-training package, you should receive:
p90x workout package

  • 12 DVD workouts
  • 1 “How to Bring It” DVD that details the system
  • A 3-phase nutrition plan with supplement options
  • The Fitness Guide
  • The Calendar to track your progress

From a glance, it looks like Chalean Extreme is more generous with the extras, providing a lot more useful resources together with the DVDs. And the body fat tester that helps you track your progress is quite tempting.

But obviously, it is not just what you get on the side, but rather what you’re thought with those DVDs.

Chalean Extreme and P90x Workout Comparison

With the Chalean Extreme training program, you get 6 major lessons, each one including from 1 to 3 different workouts. It takes you from the basics (burn basics, healthy eating, and kitchen makeover) to gradually intensive workouts (3 burn circuits, 3 push circuits, and 3 lean circuits); then it ends with a series of 3 burn workouts and 2 extreme workouts – the intensity peak of the program.

With P90X, you get 12 DVDs, each one presenting exercises for a specific set of muscles or a particular training technique: chest & back, plyometrics, shoulders & arms, yoga, legs & back, kenpo, stretches, core synergistic, chest, shoulders & triceps, back & biceps, cardio and ab ripper. Every single lesson takes you to an intensity peak of the program, but in a different way.

Here is how the training sessions are planned:

Chalean Workout

  • 5 Days per week
  • 2 Rest Days
  • 35-45 minutes per session

P90x Workout

  • 6 Days per week
  • 1 rest day that can be replaced with stretch program
  • 49-55 minutes per session

Obviously, the P90X sessions are longer, but, as users complain, Tony is a bit of a chatter. You might feel the need to fast-forward the DVDs at some point. Just bear in mind that fewer minutes of indications doesn’t necessarily imply easier workouts.

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

Deciding which is right for you between Chalean Extreme and P90X is relatively simple. The Chalean Extreme program can gradually pick you from whatever level you are at and take you to the point where you can undergo whatever complicated and demanding routine. P90X, on the other hand, is more challenging right from the very beginning, therefore, more suitable for experienced persons.

Tony’s workouts can prove somewhat unsafe for people who are just experiencing a fitness program while Chalean’s workouts are more of a step-by-step routine. If you prefer to be told exactly what to do (and don’t worry that you’re pushing too much at the wrong time), you should definitely go for her. If you’re more anxious to go from regular to ripped the hard way, you could try his program.

Nevertheless, numerous fitness trainers out there have no shame in preferring the Chalean Extreme program, even if called the “P90X for girls”.

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