Fat Flush Diet Review – Does It Work?

Everyone is looking for the newest fads in losing weight, and in order to do so, many people are trying almost anything they can get their hands on. One of the more recent arrivals to the party is a diet program known as Fat Flush. Fat Flush is actually detailed in a book; it was developed to help people lose weight and change their lifestyle in order to encourage better overall health.

One positive thing that you notice right off the bat is that it encourages a lifestyle change. As we’ve discussed in other articles, there is a bit of a problem when you don’t encourage a lifestyle change as a part of a diet plan. Lifestyle changes are absolutely essential, because any diet plan can help you to lose weight; the problem comes with keeping the weight off. You can only do that if you are committed to changing the way that you live.

Phases of the Fat Flush Diet

The Fat Flush Diet happens in three specific phases, and it explains each one of them in detail so that they are simple to understand and implement in your own life. Let’s take a closer look at each phase so that you can better understand the entire process before you get started.

Phase 1: This phase is the most restrictive phase, and it can take a couple of weeks to work through this phase. You are not allowed to eat any more than 1200 calories per day, and you are only allowed to eat certain foods. They give you a meal plan that you can follow, with alternative suggestions that can help you fit it into your budget. You cannot eat many carbohydrates, so dairy, grains, cereals, and even alcohol are not allowed. You cannot eat any oils, either.

Phase 2: This phase keeps the same food restrictions as phase one. You cannot eat many carbohydrates, so dairy, grains, cereals, and even alcohol are not allowed. You cannot eat any oils, still. This part of the diet is much less restrictive in terms of caloric intake, however, increasing your daily allowance to between 1200 and 1500 calories a day.

Phase 3: This phase actually allows you to slowly reintroduce foods into your diet, within reason. You can’t go back to the way that you ate before, because then there was no point to you starting the Fat Flush process. You have learned a new way to eat and live through the program, and you are expected to continue eating that way.

What works with this program?

This is incredibly restrictive, which some people may see as a disadvantage, but it can actually be very helpful in teaching you how to discipline yourself with food. It is very safe; it’s not asking you to take strange supplements or to starve yourself; it’s just teaching you how to retrain yourself so that you look at food in a healthy way and can lose weight. It also encourages permanent change, which is something that many diet programs seem to miss.

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Are there any disadvantages or side effects?

Some people will really struggle with physical and psychological stress if they restrict their diet this severely. It can really stress you out, which will make losing weight more difficult at first. But this is only temporary; eventually, the feelings of anxiety and stress due to not eating will be replaced with energy and positivity, both of which will help you move forward with the plan.

Even though the only thing you receive with your purchase is the book itself, the book gives you all of the resources that you need. They give recommendations for meal plans, exercise plan ideas, and a number of other suggestions that can help you as you change your life. Overall, this program is much better than some of the others you may see advertised today.

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