Fat Loss Factor Review – Scam or Legitimate Diet?

We are constantly cautioned against fad dieting – we are told that it is harmful to our bodies and that we will just gain all the weight back after the diet is over.  The fact of the matter is that this is true, with any diet there comes a risk that you will not get the results that you desire or that the weight will pile back on when you end the diet.  This is why your diet should not be looked at as a crash course in getting fit but as a total lifestyle change which you will carry with you for years to come.

The Fat Loss Factor is a diet which a lot of people are drawn to because it offers three different levels of fat loss

  1. Steady Fat Loss
  2. Quick Fat Loss
  3. Turbo Fat Loss

Of course, the difference between the three programs is the intensity of the dieting and exercising but also the length of time in which you will lose the weight which you are trying to get off.  Beware of selecting the turbo fat loss program and not fully committing to a lifestyle change.  If you do this then you will fall victim to all of those who state that fad diets don’t really work and do not cause effective long term changes.

This system of dieting and exercising is actually a pretty well thought out one which will work for you if you use it right.  The diet plan consists of three parts.

  • Master Cleanse for three to ten days.
  • Eating Raw and Alkaline food for one to two weeks.
  • Structured eating diet.  This will go between cheat days and fasting and may be pretty intense for a beginner.

Each element of the Fat Loss Factor is not unique to this program, but the combination of each phase of the program is what makes it effective.  The structured eating diet includes a list of 15 foods that you should eat with every meal in order to maximize weight loss and get the best results possible.  It will also include fifteen foods which you should avoid while you are on your weight loss journey because they will set you back.  I am sure that you can guess what these foods are – sweets, alcohols, and other fatty or sugary foods.  It is basically common sense to avoid these, but the real secret is choosing the right foods to actually aid your body in getting rid of unwanted fat.

The diet suggest that you

  • Drink a lot of water to make sure your body does not retain water weight
  • Eat the majority of the day’s calories early on
  • Reduce your meal size and eat more often in order to boost your metabolism
  • Eat at least one raw in each meal for added vitamins and minerals
  • Allow yourself one cheat day each week

Is it not fantastic to see a diet which encourages having a cheat day?!  We all have times that we are really stressed out and sometimes maintaining a diet just seems like it is going to be too much to handle on that particular day.  This can be your cheat day.  Make sure that this cheat day truly only comes once a week, though.  This cheat day can also be used when you need to do something out of the ordinary routine like go out to dinner, to a bar, or to a party.  In these situations you will probably have to make choices which are outside of your normal diet, but it is okay with this program because of the cheat day which is allotted to you each week.

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