Focus T25 Review – Workout System

There are so many workout programs on the market today; it’s hard to choose which one to try. Many people have started to embrace programs that require little time and are very intense. The Focus T25 program is one of those types of programs, and it has gotten attention from the media in recent months. Let’s take a closer look.

What is the Focus T25 Program?

The Focus T-25 program is a program that focuses on performing one fairly intense 25-minute workout every single day. That’s where the name came from – the point is for you to stay focused and driven to complete the 25 minute workouts daily. Then, you will start to see results, as long as you are consistent and have a good diet.

The point behind this system is to give you results as quickly as you want them. Many people quit fitness programs because they aren’t seeing quick results. The Focus T-25 Workout program tries to keep you on target by helping you see the results quickly so that you aren’t frustrated.

How the Focus T25 System Works

Unlike some workout programs where you have a warm up, workout, cool down cycle, the Focus T25 workouts have no rest period. That means that you are going, going, going until the 25 minutes are over. You will feel the burn and push yourself to limits you didn’t know you had.

The system comes in two cycles, the Alpha cycle and the Beta cycle.

–          Alpha cycle. Workouts focus on total body fitness. The emphasis is on cardio, calorie burning, speed, agility, strength, and resistance training. If done diligently, this will result in ab sculpting and weight loss. You will also be able to “hone in” on your buttocks and thighs.

–          Beta cycle. Workouts focus on core conditioning. The 25 minute workouts in the Beta cycle  focuses on core cardio, that help you to achieve that “ripped’ look in almost no time. Where the Alpha cycle focused on training, the Beta cycle utilizes that training to drill you again and again. The Alpha cycle focuses on weight loss, where the Beta cycle focuses on leaning out the areas where you lost weight.

The important thing about the Focus T25 workout program is that it tries to achieve perfect balance. The two sides of any successful fitness program are focused on individually, and then make your body the way that you’ve always wanted them to be. The workouts are incredibly difficult, but they are short and you will achieve results if you stick with it and do the program correctly. There are a number of resources for both the Alpha cycle and Beta cycle that come with your fitness kit.

Will Focus T25 Work for Me?

There are mixed reviews about the Focus T25 system. Some people love it, especially because it works hard to try and fit into people’s busy lifestyles. The Focus T25 system offers fast workouts of high intensity, and the program is affordable as well. Other people have claimed that it’s too intense or that it just isn’t working, but the reasons for that could range from not being consistent to not being careful about nutrition, or to the fact that their body type just won’t benefit from this type of program.

In general, the program sounds like it’s a pretty good fit for some people while maybe not being the right routine for others. But that’s how most fitness and/or weight loss plans work, so it’s not exactly surprising. If this article piqued your interest about this program, then talk to your physician about it and see if they suggest you giving it a try.

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