Mediterranean Diet Review and Meal Plan

While several new and innovative diets have been developed and introduced, one in particular has received a lot of press, as well as positive feedback. The Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan has been rated as one of the most effective and safest of all diet plans that people currently follow for a variety of reasons. Because of the way this plan works and the foods involved, we wanted to provide information so you can see why it has become one of the more popular choices for losing weight.

Diet Introduction

The Mediterranean is magical, a gorgeous place where healthy people live. Recognizing that something was different, researchers delved into lifestyles and traditional foods only to why these people were so healthy and few struggled with weight problems. Taking a lead, the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan was developed by an American doctor back in the 1950s.

This meal plan was based on eating the same foods from this region, which are delicious but also healthy and nutritious. The majority of food choices contain high levels of fatty acids known as Monounsaturated Fatty Acid or MUFA. Due to wonderful flavor, the diet is easy to stick with and because of the fatty acids body fat is targeted so along with weight loss, you would also get rid of unwanted fat.

Diet Concept

Unlike other diet plans that involve pills or a specially made product, the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan is actually a lifestyle change that consists of proper eating habits and great foods grown along the coastal regions of Greece, Spain, and the southern region of Italy. Additionally, for this diet to work, cooking is always done with extra virgin olive oil. A unique aspect of the plan is that calories are never counted and little emphasis is placed on good versus bad foods. Instead, the concept is to eat foods the right way.

People in this part of the world have a passion for good food, something the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan embraces. This plan has few restricted foods or those without flavor. However, rather than consume contemporary Mediterranean food such as lasagna or gyros, the diet was developed on peasant foods, which have far more flavor and nutrition.

Foods for the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, legumes, nuts, greens, whole grains, seafood, and different kinds of healthy oils. This diet also allows dairy products and even desserts, something never allowed with traditional diets. In fact, you can eat red meat and drink red wine although only on occasion and in limited amounts.

Once you learn how to make some of the basic dishes using foods associated with the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan, it would be relatively easy to make modifications or even come up with new dishes of your own. Because foods on this diet can be purchased in literally any grocery store, this meal plan is great for any budget.

Diet Pros

The Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan provides a number of benefits for losing body fat and extra weight beyond delicious and healthy foods, as well as this being a cost-efficient option. As an example, you can follow this diet at a pace you feel comfortable. Additionally, the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan is supported by most doctors because they have a solid understanding of why the diet works, how it works, and the results it produces.

Diet Cons

In reality, no negative aspects of the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan exist. The only consideration is that without an official company backing the diet, website providing information, product to take or use, or money back guarantee, you have to take full responsibility for making the right choices. Therefore, to lose body fat and weight on the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan, you must be determined to succeed and dedicated to the process.

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