Peanut Butter Diet Review – Does It Work?

For people who love peanut butter and peanuts, the Peanut Butter Diet seems like an obvious choice. If interested in losing weight, it would be important to discuss this diet and any others being considered with a doctor. After receiving the green light, you would have the opportunity to start the journey to a slimmer but also healthier life. Because the Peanut Butter Diet has faced skepticism, we felt it important to provide an overview of concepts but also specific advantages and disadvantages associated with this particular diet plan.

Basis for the Diet

Prevention Magazine was the creator of the Peanut Butter Diet, which included claims of losing as much as 25 pounds within a single year when following the guidelines. As the name implies, the Peanut Butter Diet involves consuming a small amount of peanut butter with meals but in looking at it closer, you would see it is actually a low calorie diet coupled with exercise, and small portions of peanut butter added as a means of enticement.

People interested in losing weight are always looking for the next best diet, something innovative that works. Therefore, allowing limited amounts of peanut butter is actually a great marketing strategy in that it offers a type of comfort food while providing the promise of losing weight.

Standard meals for the Peanut Butter vary although an example of what you would expect to eat includes the following:

  • Breakfast – Small handful of toasted almonds, banana, and one-half cup of whole grain cereal with low-fat milk
  • Lunch – Two slices of whole grain bread, two tablespoons peanut butter, two tablespoons jelly of choice, apple, fat-free drink
  • Supper – Baked chicken breast without skin and fresh vegetables

Good versus Bad

While the Peanut Butter is a traditional low calorie plan with benefits of enjoying peanut butter, there are some positive aspects of this diet. As an example, nuts, to include peanuts, are an excellent source of protein, monounsaturated fat, and a variety of other essential micro nutrients to include vitamin E. For people who need a diversion in the form of one or more food items that satisfy, the Peanut Butter Diet would be a good consideration.

On the downside, peanuts are extremely high in calories but many doctors feel if consumed in small amounts for the Peanut Butter Diet it would be possible to drop unwanted pounds although perhaps not to the level claimed by Prevention Magazine. On the other hand, some medical experts and nutritionists have raised concern that this particular diet is somewhat misleading since it does not provide overall balance that an effective diet should.

There is no denying that the Peanut Butter Diet is easy to follow and meals take little time to prepare. Therefore, if you are constantly on the go this would certainly be an advantage. In addition, you would have the ability to eat delicious peanut butter although you want to purchase a high quality and natural product. Unfortunately, a number of negative aspects need to be considered as well.

Unlike many other diets today, the Peanut Butter Diet has not been studied using controlled clinical studies so long-term effects are unknown. Now, some people have lost weight on this diet but for many, the process takes longer because the peanut butter is fighting against the healthy foods. Most importantly, you want to make sure you do not have an allergy to peanut butter, which could produce serious and even life-threatening risks.

You will also find the Peanut Butter Diet difficult to follow because actual foods are extremely restricted. For this reason, becoming bored could lead to failure. If you decide to follow this diet, you may want to consider adding in other low calorie foods to make it more interesting but without going over the recommended number of calories to lose weight.

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