Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review

First, it was the traditional wheel. Then, it was the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver. Now, it’s the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro, an upgraded version of the ab wheel invented by a navy seal. For a cost of $39.99, it promises to turbo-charge your workouts and to even make you love it. What’s new about the Pro version and why does it worth paying up to 4 times more than for a traditional ab wheel?

About Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

ab carver proThis ab carver consists of a wide wheel with rubberized grips, which hides a kinetic engine inside of it. Such features ensure a wide contact surface with the floor, helping you to stabilize movements, especially when carving right, left or center.

The carbon steel spring gives you extra resistance. With a plain wheel, you normally have problems maintaining your equilibrium, which makes it harder, if not impossible, to keep a correct posture throughout your workouts.

Nevertheless, with this Pro tool, when you roll out, it resists your pressure and stores energy. When you come back, it assists you and lends you that extra stored energy. It helps you keep your balance at ease, maintain the right position, and even do more reps than with regular wheels. As they say, it’s simple, but not easy.


The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is well-made, even sturdy, but lightweight in the same time. It is also small and easy to carry around or store. It comes with a high-density foam kneepad that offers you extra comfort during the workouts. But most importantly, it fits to different kind of users and training levels.

The two side grips have an ergonomic design that provides more stability control. The rubberized and non-slippery grips work well on your hands, without requiring fitness gloves or wrist wraps.

If you’re willing to try a little trick, you can also adjust the spring assist. Before you start your actual training session, roll the wheel forward further than you’d normally do during a rep. The more you roll it, the more the spring recoils and gets you enhanced assistance with your returns.


While this ab carver proves to be handy and make your life easier, it still has one main disadvantage – the price. $40 is a bit more, compared to other products, and a lot more compared to the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver, which is only $30.

As the manufacturer suggests, the differences between the initial version and the Pro version are: some extra stability with the newly designed handles of Ab Carver Pro and the better-cushioned knee pads. It doesn’t sound very convincing to pay $10 extra dollars just for these enhancements…

Users also complain about not getting enough support or instructions with the packaging. If you don’t know where exactly to look for (meaning on their website, on the Digital Workout link), you might have to plan your training all by yourself and end up working the abs too hard.

Even though the wheel is recommended for any kind of training, it turns out that the handles tend to bow a bit when switching to more intensive exercises. And some users complained that the device stopped rolling back all the way after a while, accusing a malfunctioning of the inner springs.


Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is obviously an above average training wheel. Everyone appreciates its comfortable knee pads and side grips, but not everyone enjoys the rolling backward assistance, considering it a device “for lazy people only”. If you’re just starting out and your muscles aren’t ready for all that effort, paying more to gain resistance and confidence makes sense. But if you are more experienced and don’t fall for features that make your life easier, you could do just fine with the simple Perfect Fitness Ab Carver version.

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