Protandim Review – Is It a Scam?

Are you looking for a way to prevent aging? Well, there are lots of ways that people claim to slow down or stop aging, but how many of them are real? How many of those supplements actually help you slow down your aging?

One of those products is a product known as Protandim. If you’ve heard of it before, it’s because it was featured on ABC’s PrimeTime News a few years back. This product is an antioxidant supplement that is said to help you fight aging without a lot of the negative side effects that come with these products. So is it a scam? Or is it really a product that works? That’s what we’re going to take a look at in this article.


So, what is it? Even though it sounds like a really fancy drug, it’s actually a simple, dietary supplement that helps fight oxidative stress in the body. It does this by helping the body produce antioxidant enzymes that fight this stress naturally. So yes, instead of it being a fancy drug that does it for you, Protandim attempts to make your body create antioxidants naturally. The cellular damage that oxidative stress can cause results in wrinkles and other signs of aging. Protandim claims that they can kick your natural antioxidant levels back to what you had when you were younger, so that you don’t have to worry about wrinkles.

What’s inside?

Protandim is actually incredibly open about the ingredients that they use in their products. Here are the ingredients inside of Protandim, according to the Protandim website:

  1. Milk thistle extract containing 80{6d03487dd7054a7db05173f7c7fbbc41556c8c2198a23fe7855bb0b11517a53e} silymarin
  2. Bacopa extract containing 45{6d03487dd7054a7db05173f7c7fbbc41556c8c2198a23fe7855bb0b11517a53e} bacosides
  3. Ashwagandha root powder
  4. Green tea extract containing 98{6d03487dd7054a7db05173f7c7fbbc41556c8c2198a23fe7855bb0b11517a53e} polyphenols
  5. Turmeric extract containing 95{6d03487dd7054a7db05173f7c7fbbc41556c8c2198a23fe7855bb0b11517a53e} curcumin

One thing that you will find incredibly interesting is that many of Protandim’s claims are actually backed up by certain research. Granted, some of that research is either dated or it’s the only study on that particular ingredient. There are also peer-reviewed articles that you may want to check out for yourself for more information on the product; even though some people are quite skeptical about the research, it is very interesting, especially if you are considering using it yourself.

So, does it work?

Does it work? Some people say that it does. Between all of the studies, there seemed to be a lot of breakdown in free radicals, especially those found in fat. A couple of the studies also showed that some of the antioxidant busters found in red blood cells were higher after people started taking Protandim, which could be a very positive thing for the supplement.

Potential Side effects

In general, there don’t seem to be any side effects for healthy, average people who are taking Protandim. You do have to be careful; however, if you have gout (one study suggested raised uric acid levels, which can be terrible for people who suffer from gout). The FAQ also suggests that the supplements should not be taken if you are undergoing cancer treatment, but that is a general warning that is made for any antioxidant, as they can interfere with the treatment in a number of ways.

In general, this is a relatively safe supplement to try out. If you are considering trying Protandim or any other vitamin(s) or supplement(s) in order to prevent the signs of aging, please make sure to consult with a dietitian or physician before you do so. We’ve provided you with as much information as we can in this article, but only your doctor can give you all of the information that you need in order to make an informed decision.

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