Rehmannia Root Benefits For Natural Detox

Can Rehmannia root detoxify your body?

Cleansing drinks and diets may seem like a current trend, but traditional medicine has used herbs to detoxify the body for thousands of years.

This article will teach you about the benefits of Rehmannia root – a powerful herb used in ancient eastern medicine for natural detox.

For centuries, this natural remedy has been used to heal inflammation, increase bone strength, and stabilize blood sugar.

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What is Rehmannia Root?

Rehmannia is a Chinese plant with historic roots in ancient medicine. The Rehmannia plant has many names. It is also called Chinese Foxglove, Disui, or Shu Di Huang.

Its roots are similar in appearance to ginger or turmeric. The root tubers are starchy and a deep golden color. They are dried and processed into teas, tablets or capsules for easy ingestion.

They are prepared dried or fresh, and used in traditional Chinese medicine. If you can believe it, there are records of Rehmannia root being used medicinally as far back as 100 C.E.

Are you curious about Rehmannia root? Read on to learn about the benefits and uses of this historic plant supplement.

Benefits And Properties of Rehmannia Root

Rehmannia is one of the most ancient remedies in Chinese medicine – and for good reason. Scientific studies have confirmed that Rehmannia root has a powerful effect on our bodies. Specifically, Rehmannia is known to be anti-inflammatory, encourage bone strength, and help regulate blood sugar.

As with all herbal medicine and supplements, this information should not be taken as medical advice. You should consult a medical doctor before beginning any supplement regimen.

1. Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Are you looking for a natural remedy to detoxify your body? Do you feel tired all the time, struggle with gastrointestinal pain, and constantly feel bloated?

You may be suffering from chronic inflammation.

Acute inflammation occurs around an injury – like when you stub your toe and it swells up. Unlike acute inflammation, which is easy to see and feel, chronic inflammation can slowly creep up on you. You may have low-level inflammation for years before you recognize the symptoms.

These include:

  • Fatigue
  • Mood disorders
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Skin breakouts
  • Joint pain

If you think you may have chronic inflammation, Rehmannia root is a great natural therapy.

The primary use for Rehmannia root in traditional medicine was as an anti-inflammatory. Early records of Rehmannia root show it being prescribed for mending injuries and swelling. It has long been associated with repairing broken bones.

This may be because the roots contain Catalpol – a glycoside that stimulates adrenal cortical hormones. Catalpol can make up anywhere from 3-11% of the fresh root. In layman’s terms, Catalpol affects the body by acting as an antihistamine. This anti-inflammatory affect can help lower swelling and pain around injuries and inflammation.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Rehmannia have made it a favorite healing herb for chronic inflammation. The root is used to combat the progression of autoimmune disorders like lupus, rheumatoid, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

In one clinical study, participants were given Rehmannia for rheumatoid arthritis and reported reduced swelling and improved joint movement.  The healing properties of Rehmannia can bring relief to users dealing with these painful conditions.

It can also help with allergies. Antihistamines reduce allergy symptoms and can bring relief for chronic or seasonal allergies. Shanghai Medical College used Rehmannia root formulas to treat bronchial asthma with measurable success.

If you suffer from chronic allergies and inflammation, you may want to consider Rehmannia root supplements.

2. Regulate Blood Sugar

Rehmannia root is also useful for treating other ailments, such as regulating blood sugar.

Studies have shown that Rehmannia can significantly lower blood sugar in rats. This interaction occurs because the root increases insulin excretion and tissue sensitivity to insulin. High blood sugar, hyperglycemia, and diabetes are all results of infrequent production of insulin.

Because of these hypoglycemic properties, Rehmannia root is often used to help reduce symptoms of diabetes and other blood sugar-related problems.

Rehmannia root may help to stabilize your blood sugar and keep your insulin production within normal levels.

If you are interested in taking Rehmannia root because of its correlation with lower blood sugar, be sure to do so only under supervision by your medical doctor.

3. Improve Bone Strength

Another health benefit of Rehmannia root is its association with bone strength. Bone enamel is the hardest substance in your body. Your bones protect your organs and support you through all of your activities.

It is important to care for your bones, especially if you are over 35. Adults over 35 loose bone density at a rate of 1% each year. Weak bones can be susceptible to fractures, especially in the hip or spine.

There is a body of evidence that shows a strong correlation between Rehmannia root and bone metabolism. Some have even shown that Rehmannia can increase bone thickness and marrow, and prevent osteoporotic bone loss.

Keep your bones healthy and strong with Rehmannia root supplements!

Supplements And Side Effects

Are you ready to try Rehmannia root? There are some side effects to be aware of. Although Rehmannia is safe when used properly, it does have a few mild aftereffects.

Here are a some of the reported side effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Digestive discomfort
  • Upset stomach

It should also be noted that no supplement should be taken without supervision by your medical doctor. Always consult your physician before starting any new medicine, even natural remedies. In particular, you should not use Rehmannia root if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or recovering from surgery.

Convinced that Rehmannia root is right for you? Here are ways to take this ancient and powerful herb.

  • Prepare the whole root by simmering it in water and strain the liquid. Drink the liquid as a tea.
  • Use a powdered extract and mix into your drinks.
  • Pills and capsules are available online for easy ingestion.

Final Thoughts

For thousands of years, traditional Eastern medicine has used Rehmannia root to heal the body. This traditional treatment for inflammation, blood sugar regulation, and bone strength has been studied by modern science.

If you are seeking a natural therapy to heal your chronic inflammation and improve your health, Rehmannia root is the supplement for you!

Salena Joseph is a professional writer living in Florida. When she isn’t writing, you can find her working in her urban vegetable garden.
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