HIV Health: 10 Immunity Boosting Foods

People infected with HIV have different needs in terms of nutrition and energy. What is a harmless infection for a healthy organism can prove quite a challenge for an AIDS sufferer and that’s why immunity boosting foods can reduce the incidence of opportunistic infections and improve a patient’s quality of life.


Here are the top 10 foods that help you stay healthier when dealing with HIV:

1. Spinach – as a nutritious, dark green leafy vegetable, spinach is a great source of vitamin A. Deficiencies of this vitamin can increase the severity of many diseases, so it is very important to consume spinach the healthy way. Try to process it as little as possible, to make the most of it.

2. Oranges – as part of the delicious citrus family, oranges are rich in vitamin C, another essential nutrient for protecting the body against infections. A glass of orange juice is both tasty and healthy and you can always combine it with other citrus fruits. Just pay attention to grapefruits, which are known to interfere with many medications!

3. Liver – this one is a great source of iron, which helps you prevent anemia. The good news is that some green leafy vegetables are also rich in iron, so you can always combine liver with a fresh green salad and make yourself a healthy, immunity boosting meal.

4. Beef – you might be surprised, but beef is one of the richest foods in zinc. The problem with zinc deficiency is that it reduces your appetite; therefore, it also reduces your odds to eat well and enough to get other nutrients. Bring in as many zinc sources as possible!

5. Sunflower Seeds – these tiny and tasty seeds are the best source of vitamin E, an essential vitamin for protecting cells and providing resistance to all kinds of infections. Make sure you eat them raw, to enjoy their full benefits.

6. Tuna – this ocean fish is amazing when it comes to restoring your selenium levels. And since selenium is a mineral essential for activating the immune system, you really need to include it in your diet.

7. White Beans – these are rich in vitamins from the B group, a group of vitamins that keep both your immune and your nervous systems healthy. Just like with the spinach, try to cook them as little as possible.

8. Broccoli – as a super vegetable, broccoli is the shortcut to getting more vitamins and minerals at once. Aside from A, E and C vitamins, it also brings in numerous antioxidants. It definitely makes one of the healthiest choices.

9. Garlic – this one is rich in sulfur-containing compounds, therefore it appears to have significant immune-boosting properties. Plus, it always makes vegetables tastier, so it’s a good way to combine different immunity boosting foods at once.

10. Green Tea – a cocktail of nutrients, green tea is mostly popular for its high levels of flavonoids (great antioxidants), but also for its L-theanine, a substance that promotes germ-fighting compounds and help your T-cells fight infections.

These 10 foods contain most of the nutrients that help your immunity system. You can always combine them with other sources of vitamins, zinc, iron, elenium and other natural nutrients. Just keep in mind that food helps you maintain your immunity, but, unfortunately, it cannot cure HIV, nor skyrocket your vulnerable immunity. Nevertheless, if it’s the least you can do to be a little more prepared, you have to do it!

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