Top 5 Best Weighted Vests for Running

If you need a weighted vest to enhance your running sessions, start by looking into the most popular manufacturers. ZFOsports, MiR, Hyperwear, GoFit or TITIN are some of them, with most models varying from $50 to $200.

These vests are either made of heavy materials or just equipped with pockets where you can add different types of weighted objects. None of them is perfect, so let us see which is the closest to perfection model you can get:

1. ZFOsports® Adjustable Weighted Vest

ZFIsports is a fitness accessories manufacturer whose Adjustable Weighted Vests are some of the most popular in the online. On their official website, you can find 8 ZFO weighted vests, from 10Lbs to 80Lbs, and the promise of: one year manufacturer warranty, 30 day exchange policy, and 15 days money back guarantee.

zfosports weighted vest directions

Their best-rated product, however, is ZFOsports® – 40LBS Adjustable Weighted Vest, available for $57.51 sales price, plus $25.37 shipping. The product comes as a one size fits all, with a 40-pounds maximum weight limit. One can adjust the total weight up to 40-pounds, with 2.5-pound increments.

Sizing can be adjusted through several Velcro belts, that help you keep it tight to your body and eliminate potential weight shifting during running, without making it difficult to breathe or move.

With this particular weighted vest, you should add resistance to your running routine, increase strength, accelerate weight loss, build muscle and improve respiration.

2. CROSS101® – 40Lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest Camouflage

This model is the second best rated weighted vest that you can find on online stores. Just like the ZFOsports model, it is a one size fits all vest, of 40-pounds maximum weight. You can adjust the total weight to 40-pounds with 4-pound increments made of iron ore. The vest measures 15 inches length (from the collarbone downwards) and 13 inches width.

For $57.96 plus $24.49 shipping costs, you will get the vest together with a one year manufacturer warranty and one month money back guarantee.

With this adjustable weighted vest for running, you can also improve your lunges, push-ups and pull-ups, so it will help with any kind of exercising, not just the running. Nevertheless, runners who plan to use it for long tours should always put on appropriate body wear to prevent the shoulder straps from rubbing against and cutting into the collarbone.

3. MIR® – 50LBS (SHORT STYLE) Adjustable Weighted Vest

This weighted vest from MiR is significantly more expensive than the two best-rated models – $129.99 the vest, plus $30.07 the shipping costs. As a short style model, it is also much smaller and compact (11 inches length). While it has a 60-pounds maximum weight capacity, the weight can be adjusted through 3-pound increments. For better fitting, it has a double padding, a narrow-shoulder design, and one Velcro belt. But it is precisely this Velcro belt the one that can cause problems, as it might start slipping once you insert all the weights in their compartments. Also, the 5 individual straps can make it difficult to put the vest on easily.

4. Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Unisex 10-Pound Adjustable Vest

This model from Hyperwear stands out through its patented design (significantly different from others), stretch fabric and side lacing. The price of $194.88 is, however, a bit too much, considering that the product has a 10-pounds maximum weight capacity and that the steel weights tend to break through the material. Also, the model isn’t a one size fits all, so picking the right size can be difficult. The lacing adjustment system isn’t very fortunate since the thin stripes can put extra pressure when you try to make it tighter on the body. But it can sure be appreciated for the novelty it brings in terms of design.

5. Valeo WV40 40-Pound Weighted Vest

This weighted vest from Valeo can be purchased for $85 and take up to 40-pounds maximum weight combined from 1-pound packs. The model comes with 4 adjustable front clip belts and it is reinforced with shoulder padding, which is a big plus – most of the previous models put pressure on the shoulders while this one should release part of the pressure. Nevertheless, as the manufacturer specifies, one size fits most, not all. For some persons the vest might be too tight and the threads that section the pouches can come loose sooner than expected.



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