Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Review

Although eating vegetarian is a lifestyle that many people have chosen to follow that have no weight to lose, it has become a popular diet for some people who want to drop unwanted pounds. In many cases, the vegetarian weight loss diet works incredibly well although there are some special considerations. It is important for people to understand that the vegetarian weight loss diet is not an actual diet but a lifestyle. When followed for the purpose of losing weight, some people achieve goals while others do not, which is why a review of the diet is so important.

Diet Basics

With the vegetarian weight loss diet, no or only small quantities of meat, seafood, poultry, and various other types of animal products would be consumed. While there are some people that take this “diet” to the next level by adopting a vegan way of eating in which all animal products and byproducts to include dairy and eggs would be strictly prohibited but for the most part, people cut out red meat and pork while consuming just small amounts of fish and poultry. Storage of the food in a refrigerator at the proper temperatures will also help with freshness, and maintaining all the proper nutrients within the food.

Recommended Foods

For the vegetarian weight loss diet, along with following guidelines for food mentioned above, there are specific foods that should be included in that not all foods made for the vegetarian lifestyle are low in calories and if consumed could actually have the opposite effect of weight gain. This means to enjoy benefits of weight loss, a vegetarian diet has to be well balanced nutritionally and labels carefully read. The following are the types of foods that someone following the vegetarian weight loss diet should eat.

  • Variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Whole and enriched grains
  • Nuts, legumes, seeds, and nut butters

Along with recommended foods, rules applying to a vegetarian weight loss diet would include:

  • All protein sources should be low fat
  • Cooking methods should be healthy to include broiling, steaming, grilling, or roasting opposed to frying
  • Heavily sweetened beverages and foods should be avoided
  • Fats such as condiments, mayonnaise, sour cream, and salad dressing should always be low fat
  • Daily exercise would be essential to weight loss and good health


Sample Diet Plan


2 Slices 100{6d03487dd7054a7db05173f7c7fbbc41556c8c2198a23fe7855bb0b11517a53e} Whole Wheat Bread

1/2 Grapefruit

1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter

1 Cup Soy Milk



2 Cups Green Salad

1 Tablespoon Hummas

1 Serving Barley Bean Vegetable Soup

1 Small Whole Wheat Tortilla



3 Dried and Cooked Calmyrna Figs

Handful Unsalted Cashew Nuts



1 Serving Tofu, Pasta, and Vegetables

1 Tablespoon Soy Parmesan Cheese

2 Slices Artisan Sour Dough Bread

1 Teaspoon Garlic Butter

1/2 Cup Fresh Raw Vegetables

1/4 Cup Soy Sour Cream Spinach Dip


Exercise Recommendations

With the vegetarian weight loss diet, success comes from eating the right foods but also daily exercise. For this diet, experts recommend a minimum 30 minutes a day minimum to include aerobic type exercises such as walking, swimming, and biking.

Cost and Expenses

Although some vegetarian food can be a little more expensive than non-vegetarian choices, typically the cost of this diet is much the same as buying regular food. The only additional expense would be associated with vegetarian cookbooks that a person might want to purchase for tasty recipes.


  • Healthy because of consuming nutritionally balanced foods
  • Eliminating the consumption of farm animals means not introducing antibiotics and growth hormones to the human body
  • Death of animals is reduced
  • Healthier environment by untreated manure not making its way into waterways


  • Some people become bored, feeling food options are too restricted
  • Because plant-based proteins are consumed opposed to animal proteins, many people experience increased problems of gas and bloating
  • Explaining to people the reason for following a vegetarian diet
  • Not everyone loses weight by following a vegetarian lifestyle


For the most part, following a vegetarian weight loss diet is a good option. While most people will lose some weight, this way of eating is healthy and offers both ethical and environmental benefits.

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