Visalus Vi Shape Review – Does It Work, Where to Buy

There are a number of different supplements out there that claim that they can help us with a number of different things. Many people have heard of meal replacement shakes, and millions of people use them as part of their diets every single year.

One that has become quite popular is Visalus’s Vi Shape, which claims to be one of the best tasting nutrition shakes on the market today. They claim to be the “shake mix that tastes like a cake mix,” meaning it is sweeter and more decadent than other shake mixes. Most shake mixes have a chalky taste; this one is thicker, but still has everything (plus more) than the other shake mixes on the market.

What is inside?

Whenever you look at any sort of supplement or nutrition shake, you need to understand what is inside. This particular shake has some ingredients that make it stand out from the others on the market today.

– Tri-Sorb Protein blend. This blend is unique to the ViSalus line of products. It has three particular proteins, blended together to help your body in a number of ways, including the removal of fat and carbohydrates and assisting you with hunger control in between your meal times. Some people are concerned that the amount of protein is a bit too low for a meal replacement shake, but that depends on what you need.

– Soy Protein. This particular one is without GMO’s, so that it is healthier than what you may find in other shakes. Soy protein has been shown to encourage muscle growth and to help curb hunger. The bad thing? It can mess up your estrogen levels and it can stop particular minerals from being absorbed in the body.

– Fiber. This particular shake uses a branded type of probiotic fiber called Fibersol. Like all fibers, this helps you to feel as if you were full for longer, so that you aren’t tempted to cheat on your diet.

– 23 different types of vitamins and minerals, plus calcium. These are all in there because the shake is meant to help you get everything that you need in order to be healthy. It gives you more than the daily recommended value of all of these vitamins and minerals.

So what makes this so different than other types of protein or meal replacement shakes? In short, absolutely nothing. This acts just like any other meal replacement shake, it just uses fancy names in order to make the shake sound like it’s giving you more than it really is. In short, it’s a powder that you put in milk or water that will be able to replace a meal and help you to lose weight as a result. That’s it.


A 30 serving bag costs $80, but they offer very large discounts for bulk purchases, depending on how many you buy. You can get 6 months for $430, which is $50 less than if you’d bought the bags individually. There are also a number of suppliers that offer bigger discounts throughout the year, so you may want to seek them out if you want to try it for yourself. A bag can last you around a month, but that is still pretty pricey, depending on how often you are using it and what your budget looks like.

This meal replacement shake is a bit pricey, and the reviews about what it actually does are mixed. Many people claim that they love how it tastes, and that the cost is worth getting a meal replacement shake that you actually like. The choice is up to you; if you’re willing to spend the money, then it may be worth the investment so that you can add something new to your meal replacement shake lineup.

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